A tweet of loveliness winged its way to me today:
@tracilslatton I apologize that it took me so long to review your novel, Fallen! Thank you for writing it. http://wp.me/p2qe77-1no 
I checked the link to emsun.org and the 5 star review of FALLEN is quite wonderful:
I read it no less than four times in the past two years. Finally, feeling very guilty, I knew I was going to not only finally review the book, but also purchase my own copy. Last week, I did so. Fallen explores the grittier side of what could happen in a post-apocalyptic setting. Lives are clearly divided into Before and After, and survivors battle with the guilt as they can’t reconcile the two. 
Also, I have made two podcasts, one of me reading Chapter One of Fallen, and the other of me reading Chapter One of The Love of My (Other) Life. Right now they're housed at archive.org; I have tried my luck at iTunes, we'll see.