So it's my first public review of BROKEN, and it's beautiful! It's on one of my most favorite book review blogs, TomeTender. Here is part of the review:
Don’t expect a normal run-of-the-mill fallen angel tale that zooms on past, settle in for a deep thinking read to savor and get lost in. Traci L. Slatton has added her own artistic touch as she paints a deeply moving and unique tale filled with dark drama as we are invited to feel Alia’s feelings, hear her thoughts and see the world through her eyes as the scenery changes with each detailed page. Ms. Slatton has taken on a dark time in history and brought it to life through her characters and her words, lavish with intense prose and emotion. 
Now this is why I write novels! Read the whole review here, on the extraordinary TomeTender Blog.
BROKEN on Tometender