Being Grateful. I spend a lot of my time alone at a desk. When I am not writing, I'm shlepping my little one. Walking the dogs, shopping for dinner, folding the laundry, breathing through a sweaty yoga class. That's my daily life--and I'm so grateful for all of those activities. Then today I had a break in my routine. My lovely friend Lori was visiting from out of town. We went out for a vegan lunch and then wandered in the park. It was a beautiful warm day for wandering and talking. You know those times when you just talk and talk and talk with a friend, someone you really like and enjoy? And sometimes you start laughing together until you both cross your knees to keep from peeing, and all the hilarity of life washes up and out like sunlight? It was one of those times. A treat. Lori has a splendor to her soul that is a joy to behold. She's wise and insightful and unbelievably well read. I can talk with her about anything, literally, anything, because she's been through so much in her life. I enjoy her perspective and I learn a lot, just from hearing her think aloud. I'm so thankful she's in my life. Then I came home and my husband was in a sweet and protective mood. There's a sick stalker in his life, someone persisting in trying to make contact with him even though he's filed a police report. He was really appalled at the latest sick stalker shenanigans. He was cuddly protective of me, and thoughtful and concerned. He was grateful for me. Sometimes he is very sweet, and I am grateful for that, too.