This morning was the Thanksgiving assembly at my little daughter's school. She came in holding hands with a partner, lines of Kindergarten girls walking two by two up the center aisle. They wore orange-red-and-brown headdresses in the spirit of the season and tried not to skip and giggle, but to conduct themselves with dignity.
Once in her appointed place, my little one spotted me, and promptly made gestures at me, waving her mischievous hands around her head. She told me later that she was trying to ask me via sign language if I was wearing my Spock ears. I have a pair that I have been known to wear around the house... But no, I informed her, pinching her nose playfully. I just had my hair tucked behind my ears and it made my ears look pointy. I was not wearing my rubber Spock ears.
The girls, K through 3rd grade, sang a few songs of gratitude, a tradition going past 100 years at this school. The sweetness of their tuneful voices uplifted me, set me to ruminating on the blessings and joys of life. We ended with "America the Beautiful," and I am grateful to live here, even if the TSA gropes me next time I board a flight.
And I am grateful for my sweet little one with her Spock questions and dancing eyes. My unruly 16 year old who breaks my heart half the time and then the other half makes me laugh until I cry--she's a gift. A bittersweet gift, but a treasured one. My step-daughter is loving, sweet, and considerate. I'm lucky to have her. My friend Gerda is one of the world's great fonts of spiritual wisdom, UFOlogists, and lovers of chocolate: I am happy she's in my life. Geoffrey, Debra, Lori, Marcia, gorgeous Sarah N. and even cranky Paul: individuals I'm fortunate to know and enjoy. Thomasananda, I wish I saw more of you, but still, its always a joy to connect with you. Dani, Komilla, Rachel: you're great!
Right now, I'm also grateful for and to my husband. He spoiled me with a luxurious purse as an anniversary gift, the kind of gorgeous accoutrement that I'd considered out of reach just now. It's beautiful! And generous of him. Most generous of all, he recently admitted to me that he hasn't always treated me the way he wants to. He said he's aiming to be a better husband. That kind of honesty and vulnerability take courage. It takes a great soul to openly claim that. I am grateful for him, and for his presence in my life.