This year, my novels have enjoyed being enjoyed. COLD LIGHT made it to charming French book-lover Melliane's list on the bilingual book review site Between Dreams and Reality: "My best books of 2013 - Mes meilleurs livres de 2013." Find the list here. Her review of Cold Light is here, and she writes, "This series is really a great discovery for me... The plot itself is well done, we follow Emma in her mission to find her daughter, and this is really fraught with obstacles of all kinds." If you prefer Version Originale, it's here: "Cette série est vraiment une grande découverte pour moi. J’étais tombée amoureuse du premier tome et quand j’ai eu l’opportunité de lire le deuxième et troisième tome de cette trilogie, j’avoue que je n’ai pas hésité." On the ever popular Paromantasy site, the exuberant paranormal romance Guru Evelyn Amaro puts FAR SHORE on her best of 2013 list, writing that it is "An adult dystopian romance that is haunting, thrilling, and romantic. You will not be able to put it down!" Find the list here. Both lists are very sweet for me because my novels are rubbing shoulders with some very well known, very well and widely published works of fiction, including bestsellers and novels made into film. So what are you waiting for? Go here to buy these great books!
Between D&R