Dear One I wish for you discernment that you may see who truly is your friend and who isn't who truly wishes you well and who doesn’t. I wish you freedom from your entitlement, your addictions, and your demandingness so that you may enter into the clear sweet peace of humility that has everything to do with your soft open heart’s kindness and love for your core Self and nothing to do with the curdled ego’s insistence on gratification. I wish for you that you seek wisdom alongside knowledge, words of gratitude rather than proof, and opportunities to give in the very moments that you are tempted to take. I send you my love and my light in the fullness of this day, your birthday, as I do every moment of every day and I wish for you that you feel my love in every angstrom of your being and that you learn to hold love in the reverence it deserves instead of seeing it as an agent to serve your bidding. May you push you away the voices of false friends who whisper in your ear of aggrandizement, realizing that respectfulness and honesty and personal responsibility is the better path. May all your decisions be for the highest, best good of yourself and all living beings, And may your Higher Self bring you to conscious awareness in this lifetime. by Traci L. Slatton Birthday Wishes Birthday Wishes Birthday Wishes