There's always this single, immutable question, in a marketplace absolutely avalanched with books, print books and eBooks, both traditionally and independently published: How do I set my books apart so that readers know about my books and buy them? How do I make my books stand out? How do I make my books appeal to customers? There are a variety of ways to market and promote books. One way is book reviews on book review blogs. That helps to spread the word. Another way is book trailers. I've been so fortunate to work with Book Candy Studios. They're extraordinarily gifted at making book trailers. They care if authors are 100% happy with the trailers and they go out of their way to ensure quality. Book Candy Studios made a trailer for my novels FALLEN and COLD LIGHT, with the old covers. When I updated the covers to my novels in preparation for the third novel in the series FAR SHORE, Book Candy Studios contacted me and asked if I'd like an updated trailer. I jumped at the offer, and they updated their wonderful trailer, free of charge. That kind of outreach to customers goes above and beyond the call of duty. It's more than just professionalism, it bespeaks a deep pride in their work and a real caring for their clients. It is the hallmark of integrity. What about the trailers themselves?--Well, they're amazing. It's not so easy to make book trailers, you see. The trailer has to tease, intrigue, and delight, while also being visually gorgeous. A trailer has to hook a reader and affect her so that she wants to go right to Amazon or B&N and buy the book. A trailer has to trigger desire for the book being showcased. Book Candy Studios did all that and more with the latest trailers they did for my novel BROKEN. See below. book trailers