BOOKPLEASURES.COM wrote a great, 5 star review of our sculpture book THE ART OF LIFE. In part, Norm Goldman and his wife Lily wrote: "...with Sabin Howard's and Traci L. Slatton's The Art of Life you are in the possession of a beautiful collection of personal essays and visually stunning content that renders to its readers a vivid glimpse into the world of sculpture and in particular the work of a young American classical figurative sculptor, Sabin Howard.... Quite engrossing and gripping is the last chapter where Sabin illustrates his beautiful intricate anatomical drawings that have been garnered from his decades of experience in the studio, his many tens of thousands of hours working with life models and his sixteen years of teaching of the models for his sculptures that translate life into artistic terms. The sensuality of his creations, the sobriety of his material and the intricate details all give personality to his sculptures that participate in the art of living and create a visual conquest. The functional becomes poetry as these incredible realistic sculptures seem to evolve into a world in perpetual movement." It's always wonderful to get a good review, but it's ely fulfilling when a really smart reviewer gets it, gets the whole picture. Check out the review, check out this lively book review site.