BookwormBrandee. BookwormBrandee Bookworm Brandee really got THE LOVE OF MY (OTHER) LIFE. After she talked to Brian and Tessa, Bookworm Brandee wrote, "Wow! This was such a fun read!" Furthermore, she said, "I absolutely enjoyed The Love of My (Other) Life. I felt as though the author was trying to convey the message that we should make our choices and if they end up being mistakes, let them go and keep moving forward." Yes, that is part of what I wanted to say in this story. Connect with Bookworm Brandee on Twitter here Also, check out Bitten By Paranormal Romance, who gave THE LOVE OF MY (OTHER) LIFE a 5 Alpha Howl and wrote: "Bottom Line: This is a great story, a bit of craziness at the beginning to drop you into the story and a bit of everything a good romance needs with an ending quite satisfying on many levels. 4+ Stars and to many people this will be a 5 Star novel because it will touch some more deeply than the light story on the surface." Follow Bitten by Paranormal Romance on Twitter here.