So many people have asked me about the beautiful and compelling intro and outro music for my podcasts that I decided to play the song from which that music was taken. It’s called UNIVERSAL LOVE and it was written by David Sklar.
David Sklar is a performer and composer based in NYC. He has been writing and performing music his whole life. He’s been working hard on his new album entitled DREAMCHASER and he’s proud to say it’s finally completed.
David’s songwriting could best be described as very melody driven electro dance pop songs. He wrote UNIVERSAL LOVE for my bittersweet rom com novel THE LOVE OF MY (OTHER) LIFE, back when it was a screenplay. I love this song and I think it fits my novel beautifully. It also speaks to a certain poignant, universal slice of life.
You can find David online at He also has a Youtube channel where you can see the music videos for some of his other wonderful songs like Take You By the Hand and The Troubadour.
Without further ado, here’s the song. Enjoy.
 You can go to this link to hear the song,
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