Night Owl Romance reviewer HCHarju posted an awesome 5 star review of FAR SHORE on the illustrious Night Owl Reviews blog. The review starts out, "Oh my goodness. Traci Slatton does it again."  How fun is that?? Here is a quote from HCHarju's revuew:
I am completely in love with this series. She ups the stakes and the intensity is doubled in every aspect of the book. The mists are even scarier and horrifying than in the previous books. The friction from the love triangle is explosive and the characters are all put to the test of their limits. Emma must face her demons and be strong for herself and for Arthur. Also, my favorite sociopath shows up and has been both a curse and a godsend. 
Find it here. I must say, I am pleased that such an expert reader as Harju enjoyed our very own sociopath; I took some risks with him in the novel, and some of my readers were not pleased. Night Owl Reviews designated FAR SHORE a "Night Owl Top Pick Review" which is thoroughly lovely!