Finishing FAR SHORE. It gives me great, juicy, splendiferous pleasure to say that today I finished a novel: Book 3 of the After Series, FAR SHORE. Tomorrow I will get back to work on one of my WW2 novels. I've been dying to work on it, it feels sweetly compelling to me. But tonight, tonight I am celebrating: I have finished FAR SHORE. I like this novel. I took some risks; I am very interested to see how those risks play with my readers. I am curious to hear what my editor thinks. I am eager to get this book on its way and into the hands or ereaders of the reading public. I am happy! I wish I had a sneak peek of the cover to post, but I don't, yet. Almost! The WW2 novel is quite different from the After Series. I am quite happy to get to focus on it. But tonight I am happy to have finished FAR SHORE. There's so much sorrow in life; so many unexpected challenges. Loss and grief lurk around every corner. It's just the way of the human condition. That's why I try to celebrate at every opportunity. So tonight, in my way, I celebrated. I cooked chicken and okra and tossed a salad for dinner. In the evening, I walked the dogs down by the Hudson River and reveled in the blessing of the moment. My yellow lab Gabriel sensed my joy; he kept looking at me with his luminous eyes and wagging his tail. He's my boy, that one. I came back and did a slow flow yoga class via my virtual studio, because it feels so good to open and soften and loosen my body. The body celebrates itself, when you open it that way, with deep breath that caresses every cell. A celebration, a pleasure. YAY!