My husband Sabin Howard is insanely talented and versatile. Check out his Flight Mobile, which was a private commission. What may not be readily apparent in this video is that the mobile is quite large--9 feet long. It's breath-taking in person, full of uplift and resonance, spirals and organic forms and the expansion of wind and sea and birds taking wing. For a while, there was a standing, small-scale model in the foyer of our home, next to my office. Every time I walked by it, my heart soared. This piece is dynamic and enchanting. Sabin says abstract art isn't as artistically satisfying or challenging as figurative art, and I kind of get it. I love bodies. One of the great pleasures of being a hands-on healer, back when I had a practice, was the palpable experience of putting my hands on a warm, pulsing human body with love and the intent to heal. But this mobile called Flight is every bit as jubilant as anything in the flesh. No matter what Sabin says about challenge, it took him thirty years of education, experience, practice, and living as an artist to create this piece. It is beautiful.