BEST FANTASY STORIES did a terrific, thoughtful, thorough review of COLD LIGHT. Check out the review here. Here are some juicy tidbits from the review: "I read this second part of the science fiction series called The After without reading the first book, Fallen and still was sucked into this post-apocalyptic world within a few pages. Slatton’s descriptions in her science fiction series world are that clear. ... The landscape plays a big part of this science fiction series, as it should when you have characters walking hundreds of miles in sub-zero weather across hostile territory. But it is also the people she meets along the way in a science fiction series that make a very believable place even in such an unbelievable situation.... I found myself finishing the book and deciding that I don’t care that I know where it is going, this is a science fiction series where I want to read that first book to visit those characters again. There are plenty of new science fiction series coming out this year, but few have taken me in as quickly and thoroughly as Cold Light. ..."