I support gay marriage. It doesn't matter whether the bodies of the betrothed couple are both male, both female, or one of each. We're going to discard the bodies anyway, after 80 years or so. And what is left is the journey: gay, straight, or bi, people have an inalienable right to the dignity of a journey that includes marriage. Any two consenting adults over the age of 18 should be allowed to marry. Moreover, they should be congratulated and supported on this momentous undertaking. Marriage is unfathomably hard. It's painful in too many ways to articulate. You have to live it to really grok the exquisite mental, emotional, and relational agony that is marriage.  Two people committing to it need all the help they can get from their community. They are co-creating a fundamental unit of society, and should be bolstered and praised for that effort. I suppose some people object to what is perceived as an overly promiscuous lifestyle that can be part of the gay community. I never liked that either--if it was true. But I don't like excessive promiscuity in straight people, either. There's a point where healthy sexual exploration becomes soul-numbing, heart-deadening--that's not good for anyone, whether straight or gay. But gay people who want to get married are acting, it would seem, to settle down into a life of open-hearted, soul-united monogamy. So how could a promiscuous gay lifestyle be used as an excuse to oppose gay marriage? I just don't understand. Are people really that concerned about which body part goes where? Why should it matter?