IMMORTAL en francais
IMMORTAL en francais, and Two great new blog posts Voila, IMMORTEL

What an awesome cover! I love it. It reminds me of 1940's pulp sci-fi, a genre I sorely miss. Reminds me of the juicy fun covers of Edgar Rice Burroughs books, when I used to save up money from my allowance and my paper route to buy books. To the French illustrator: my compliments!

Certainly, my French translator did an amazing and meticulous job of translation. He kept emailing me with questions until he really grokked everything I was trying to say. So, for all you French speakers: Buy this book!

The journey of this novel has been an extraordinary gift. The most interesting people respond to the book. Sometimes they contact me, sometimes they don't.

Laura Faeth, herself the noted author of the visionary memoir I Found All the Parts: Healing the Soul through Rock 'n' Roll, recently emailed to tell me that she'd enjoyed the book. Her comments were thoughtful and she asked if she could send questions for me to answer for her blog, Rock 'n' Reincarnation. "Yes, please!" I replied.

Laura's questions were intriguing, as expected from a close reader with a unique and self-aware perspective. Her deep sense of the soul of mysticism informs her writing. She posted my replies... So take a look at Rock 'n' Reincarnation.

Then sometimes something about Immortal pops up on the internet, unexpected and delightful. I set up google alerts to notify me, and something fun came through: a great review on The Bookworm's Library. A reader named Lisa posted a review: "This is a great, unexpected treasure of a story that I came across, while I was looking for something else in the library recently.... This book offers a tremendous historical fiction of a fascinating time in history....This story is an amazing read... We are challenged to find that the most important thing in this life is the true nature of the self... I loved this book, this one is a great read!"

Lisa wrote several paragraphs. Like Laura, Lisa read passionately and thought carefully. It's a blessing and a joy to have such readers.

So, thank you to Laura and to Lisa, and take a peek at the blogs...

Rock 'n' Reincarnation and also Sound of your Soul by Laura Faeth
The Bookworm's Library which seems to be by AbbyW, Lisa, and Nikki.