T-shirts with Sculptures and iTunes Podcast. SO, I have arrived: my podcasts have made it to iTunes. Check them out here on iTunes. So far I've made two podcasts: one of me reading Chapter 1 of FALLEN and one of me reading Chapter 1 of THE LOVE OF MY (OTHER) LIFE. Look for more podcasts of book chapters and interviews! Also, I will be setting up a Parvati Press podcast with Parvati Press authors reading from their books or being interviewed. And check out the new Parvati Press Emporium, where you can buy t-shirts that feature my book covers and my husband Sabin Howard's sculptures or drawings. You have options: you can choose a t-shirt with the image (book cover, sculpture, or drawing) on the front or back. The sculpture shirts say "RISE TO THE OCCASION Sabin Howard Sculpture." The FALLEN t-shirt says "JOIN THE APOCALYPSE"; the COLD LIGHT t-shirt says "IN THE END, LOVE DEMANDS EVERYTHING" and the FAR SHORE t-shirt says "LOVE IS SALVATION." Check them out, and enjoy!
T-shirts with Sculptures