MASTERY by Robert Greene I love this topic, which is: how do people excel? For me, it is translated as, how do I grow to be the best writer I can be? How do I perfect my craft? How do I exceed my own expectations? What is my personal best? Personal best can be a broad concept, because mastery applies not just to craft but to personal integrity and the growth of the soul. How do I become a better human being, more loving and kinder and more peaceful and tolerant? Very exciting questions! I'm only in the middle of the book but it's so good that I decided to comment now, briefly. This is a well-written, insightful book that also manages to be entertaining and inspiring. I am happy to relate that Greene, in this book, exhibits soundness of values, as well. If, like me, you are on a quest for mastery: check out this book for yourself.
Mastery by Robert Greene