Today was the memorial service for a dear friend's infant grandson. 

There were photographs placed around the room in the funeral home. It was a room for congregating, with neat rows of chairs for the visitors and tissue boxes placed at strategic intervals. 

Mourning is excruciating anyway, but yoked to a child's death, it is insupportable. There are no words. 

This friend of mine has been in my life for nearly 20 years. He was my advocate and counsel, and slowly, over time and mutual respect, he became a friend. Then a dear friend, someone with whom I can always share a joke. He and his wife have gone to dinners with me and Sabin; they've come to visit us at various summer rentals, and we've been to visit them. 

He's a good man. He loves his children. I can't imagine what was harder for him, watching his daughter grieve her tiny son, or his own grief about his grandson. 

It's not my first experience with the loss of a child. My sweet nephew died 25 years ago. He simply died one day. It was years before his pediatrician figured out that he'd had a rare genetic problem.  I respect that my sister continued on after his passing. I just don't know how she did it. 

I sat in the memorial service and thought, This is the essential stuff of human life. This is it--stripped bared, down to the marrow in the bones--what life is about: loss, love, family. Togetherness. Having each other's back when the worst happens, the unimaginable strikes. The solace of community. 

It's easy for people to get lost in a fantasy about life. It's easy to get stuck in the quick and shallow pleasures. Ely in our culture, where there's a cultural ideal of a beer commercial life, all frolicking in the sunshine with the hip gang. It's a glib and seductive path. 

It's also all too easy to allow mundane problems to take over so that this moment now isn't enjoyed and lived fully--with the juice squeezed out over your hands. 

This moment now is never going to be perfect. But it can be savored--for those who are alive. I pray that I will always be alive until it's my turn to pass. 

"Remember that my son lived," said my friend's daughter. It came from her heart and pierced mine. 

I had sent gifts but hadn't yet met him. Still, I will remember that little guy.