My letter to Mitt Romney, sent via his website

Dear Mr. Romney:
 I am disillusioned Democrat, and a novelist who has earned some modest international acclaim. I believe you are correct when you say that President Obama has failed this country. I believe you are correct when you stress that America must stay great--because we are failing in so many ways.
I am impressed with your background. I would like to commit to supporting your campaign, but I do have questions. For one, I am both pro-Choice and pro-Life. That sounds impossible, but I believe that reducing this issue to a sound bite is a serious mistake. Where do you stand on this issue? Also, I support gay marriage. In my mind, marriage is the hardest thing on this planet, and any two adults who enter into it must be supported by their community. I do believe that big government is bad government, and I think the Republicans are on to something in this regard. However, I am concerned about the way the Bushes eviscerated accountability for large, multi-national corporations. In particular, I believe that big Pharma is overreaching itself and is largely corrupt. What do you propose to do about this problem? How do we encourage business while also keeping it ethical? I am a fan of small businesses, partly because I run a small business as someone who writes and sells books, and because my husband, classical figurative sculptor Sabin Howard, also runs a small business. He employs a number of people, including models, a mold-maker, foundry workers, and wax and bronze finishers. What do you plan to do to support small businesses? I believe that small businesses were what originally made this country great. Lastly, how do you intend to support the arts? I will post my letter to you on my blog, If you are kind enough to reply, I will also post your reply. I am looking for a candidate I can believe in. Many thanks, Traci L. Slatton