MySecretRomanceBookReviews MySecretRomanceBookReviews is doing a giveaway and review of THE LOVE OF MY (OTHER) LIFE. Reviewer Janna seemed to enjoy the novel, and wrote, "I loved the idea of there being an alternate universe where another version of you exists as well as the person you are meant to be with. ...You never know what will happen, and who will point you to the love of your life, but sometimes the unexpected and unbelievable can lead you to your happiness." Follow MySecretRomanceBookReviews on Twitter here. Meantime, Italian Blogger PleaseAnotherBook reviewed my dystopian novel COLD LIGHT very favorably. My Italian isn't what it should be, I'm a little out of practice, but "La Slatton ha creato una distopia sconvolgente e incredibilmente avvincente che tiene incollato il lettore alla pagina"  roughly translates to "Slatton has created a shocking and addictive dystopian world that keeps you glued to the page." Follow this multi-lingual Italian blogger on Twitter here. SHOUT OUT to Krishna Das on the Grammy's!! Hare Krishna, everyone, May love be with you.