Reviews of Fallen. So, over this lovely Thanksgiving weekend, with so much to be grateful for, come two wonderful new reviews. Leslie Wright, paranormal author and passionate reader extraordinaire, wrote a warm and thoughtful review of THE LOVE OF MY (OTHER) LIFE.
Here's a quick quote: This is a fun and romantic take on the power of soulmates. As Slatton creates her characters, she imbues them with warmth and recklessness. There is a boldness and vulnerability attached to Brian that draw you to his character.
The review is found here on her book review blog Tic Toc, and also here on Blogcritics. org for double the love. You can find Leslie on FB here and on twitter: @LeslieTicToc  The inimitable Kelly Woodward, who has a master's in literature and was once a ballroom dance teacher, is hosting a giveaway of FALLEN and an interview of me to go along with her insightful review. Her blog is called You can read me anything.
I loved when she wrote: I started reading Fallen in the car on the way home (relax…my husband was driving, not me!), and I asked my husband to let the car idle in the driveway for a minute…I needed to finish the scene and find out what happened!The rest of the book holds up to the promise of the first pages. Slatton’s writing is smooth and efficient; she crafts scenes so easily that you can’t help but see them in your mind’s eye….
Check out Kelly's review here and ENTER TO WIN A COPY OF FALLEN here. You can find Kelly on FB here and on twitter: @kellyswoodward