Here is my latest HuffPo piece, on the wonderfully dynamic Ballet Hispanico.
So it was with great pleasure that I found myself at the orientation meeting for the General Program at Ballet Hispanico, where Director AnaMaria Correa welcomed me with a warm handshake. She smiled and said she was here to make the opening of school smooth. She meant it, too. The orientation was a pleasure, with coffee and snacks served, and brightly colored student handbooks and program brochures distributed. Ms. Correa was a bright, energetic presence at the podium as she welcomed parents and students, introduced her staff, and explained the school's dress code, attendance policy, and rules. She spoke with pleasure and grace about respecting the beautiful art form of dance. She underscored the need to commit to the good citizenship, elegance, and preparedness a rigorous school requires. "But don't think of this as discipline in the negative sense. These are life skills. You're bringing your child to us and we have a responsibility to you to help create artists. You can't create great artists without structure and expectation. In June, you expect to see your child transformed, and this is how we do it." The school strives for excellent communication with parents.
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