Review of Dystopian Romance book Cold Light (After Series) by Traci Slatton
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This book in one sentence: A haunting, heartwrenching, action-packed emotional roller coaster of a read that will leave an impression on you long after your finish the book.
To say that I love this book or this series would be an understatement. Traci Slatton has done an immpecable job with what I thought would be an impossible hurrdle for her two main characters to overcome after the ending of Fallen. Not only did she do the impossible, but she made me love the characters and the new additions to the book even more.
Emma has seen, faced and survived the impossible. She has seen the world destroyed by mists that ravage everything in its path. She survived while caring for her child and several abandoned children. She offered her body to a man, Arthur, in exchange for his protection and shelter in his camp and  found unexpected love in a world filled with grief. She found out that her husband and other daughter survived in a safe-zone in Canada. She also discovered that Arthur is the cause for the mists and that her husband risked his life to come for her. She leaves with her husband to Canada, but her heart remains with Arthur...