Check out this great new review of COLD LIGHT on the popular Lost Entwife bookblog. "Traci Slatton nails it with her follow up to Fallen...."
Traci Slatton nails it with her follow up to Fallen. In Cold Light Emma is faced with hard decision after hard decision – and we’re not talking about decisions on simply where to live or who to be with. We’re talking life and death decisions in a place that is just simply not pretty. The end of Fallen leaves of with the reuniting of Emma with her family. She leaves behind someone she’s grown attached to and does what is right and honorable. But now her life in Europe has followed her to Canada – in more ways than one. What I appreciate about the After trilogy is how the world can be so bleak, but yet there is so much hope in the story. There’s love, and thoughtfulness, and honor in a place where those just don’t seem like they’d exist anymore. And what I love even more is how honest Traci’s writing is. She doesn’t hesitate to do what needs to be done to move the story forward. When writing a story like Cold Light (or it’s previous book), there are hard things which need to be done to give the story credibility. You cannot write about bad people and have them not do bad things. This is not a young adult dystopian or post-apocolyptic story – this is hardcore, knuckle-whitening stuff and it kept me riveted from page one.  
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