Sandy at The Reading Cafe posted a terrific review of Far Shoreand a thoughtful author interview. In her review, she wrote:
Traci L Slatton has written another wonderful and amazing storyline that looks at the aftermath of an experiment gone horribly wrong. It is a story about love and loss; betrayal and pain; and a second chances to make everything right. And it is also about two people, who have found love amongst the chaos and destruction, only to lose each other at the hands of a man tortured by his own loss. Sometimes there is only one choice and that choice is to survive, no matter what someone else has in mind.
And here's one of her intriguing questions:
TRC: When writing a storyline, do the characters direct the writing or do you direct the characters?
Traci: Good question! The answer is actually nuanced. I create characters whose qualities demand that they act in certain ways, but I as the author am always governing the fictional universe. That is, a character who is coherent will behave in ways that grow naturally and organically from his or her self. However, a brave person will sometimes be fearful; a crazy person will have moments of lucidity. There may be a greater reason why I as author set the character up to act out of character, as it were. But I have to strategize that situation very skillfully.
I am delighted to have the opportunity to participate in such an excellent interview, and of course, I just LOVE the wonderful review! Find the post here.
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