To Lissie and Bob, Respectfully, with Blessings

I've reached that age where friends, and friends of friends, die. Parents have been passing for the last decade. Time's attrition has set in. It can't be denied, despite botox shots to the forehead and restylane fillers, retinA, yoga, and multivitamins. The years are relentlessly proceeding, scoring as they go. Recently there were losses close to me. These were not losses to me personally, but to people I care about. My friend Geoffrey lost a sister. He sent an email last night, "Lissie passed away peacefully." I said the quiet prayers I always do, and replied to Geoff that my love was with him and his family. Three weeks ago my husband's friend Bob died. Bob was a stalwart part of a circle of people in LA whom we have come to like very much. My husband spoke to Bob a few times a week and always enjoyed the conversations. Bob had a way of making a connection. His death came as a shock. I met Bob only twice, enough to be impressed with his intelligence and big heart, his graciousness and sensitivity. Lissie I met a few times many years ago. She always struck me as one of those formidable Yankee women, lovely in her bones and capable and smart. I respected her. Most of all, I appreciated Bob's presence in my husband's life, and Lissie's presence in Geoffrey's. I was glad to know that two people for whom I cared had good people around them. May Lissie and Bob pass on to the highest heaven of pure light, and may those left behind feel their love more than their loss.