FAR SHORE by Traci Slatton Tome Tender: Release Day Celebration! FAR SHORE by Traci Slatt...: FAR SHORE By Traci L. Slatton The After Series - Book Three Publication Date:  October 10, 2013 Publisher:  Pavarti Press Dii's 5 Star Review:
The world has collapsed and the nightmare is never ending for Emma as she makes an impossible decision, and must live with its consequences. Arthur is found, but what is left is hardly identifiable as human, whether he will live or not is in question, but Emma’s sense of responsibility, loyalty and love leave her no choice but to try to save what is left of him. Is it the right choice? Has she given up too much? Does she place too much stock in her own invincibility, her own self-importance? Does she have the right to gamble with the lives of others, to use who she needs to in order to survive? Are her powers evolving again or are they fading away? What of Arthur? Her family she left behind?

Far Shore by Traci L. Slatton, the third book of the After Trilogy raises just as many uncomfortable questions as in previous books as we come to the end of this series, but the beginning of a new world for those who survive the unrelenting mist. Ms. Slatton is making a bold statement by not painting her heroes or heroines as anything more than what they are, flawed, traumatized and yet brave enough to take a stand and live with the consequences. Emma is practical, very strong and willing to take more than her share of risks. Arthur is not the strong, mysterious character we knew and the change is shocking. Alexei, with his own demons avenged and soothed, impossibly has done an about face, as he witnesses Arthur’s condition, but can he be trusted?

Do NOT expect to be comfortable with all of the decisions made or the actions taken, this world is still bleak, filled with deceit and treachery, but there is still hope, there is still love. In the end, it may have been one uncomfortable decision that ultimately may save the world and someone had to be strong enough to make it.  If you’re looking for something to scrape a little on the smooth edges of your comfort zone, this series will do it, but be prepared to be haunted by “what ifs.”
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