Tynga's Reviews Tynga's Reviews is a fun and far-reaching blog out of Ontario. Here's the link to the Giveaway for FALLEN and COLD LIGHT and here's the link to the review: "Emma is one of the few who has survived and she has gained the ability to heal with the touch of her hands. I loved her as a main character because she is so solid and strong.... Some type of romantic relationship develops between Emma and Arthur. I love the basis of the relationship, although I totally didn’t expect what happened between them in the first chapter. I have to admit, their bickering and their fighting is quite engaging and it’s the reason the love story behind the book is so interesting. I don’t want to spoil any surprises but it’s quite obvious, as you read the book, that secrets will create a lot of tension, not only between Emma and Arthur, but between the whole group of survivors. ... As a whole, I really enjoyed this novel. It’s quite dark at times with the death of so many people and the fighting amongst gangs of survivors...Traci L. Slatton added a great amount of these details, creating a realistic image of a brutal world...Slatton is  a wonderful discovery and fans of the genre will be satisfied with FALLEN since, not only is it very original, but it also has a good solid love story at the heart of the book."