KATIE FRENCH of Underground Book Reviews sent me a list of smart, provocative questions for an interview, and then she did a smart, thoughtful review of Fallen. The interview is here.
As dystopian literature is my drug of choice lately, Fallen by Traci Slatton sparked an interest in me. As with all good dystopians, this book is sets in a post-apocalyptic world, France to be specific. Devastating mists are attacking the earth, devouring anything composed of metal, including human beings. The deaths the mists deliver are atrocious. Worse still, the crippled society that remains leaves survivors scrambling to stay alive. The protagonist, Emma, is a tough, spunky and likable mother who takes in a horde of eight displaced children. Emma leads the group through the hellish landscape, searching for food and shelter while avoiding the deadly mists. Then she meets Arthur, the bold leader of a group of men. They strike a bargain: Emma gives herself to Arthur and he, in turn, takes care of her and her children.
Here is the review of Fallen. The blog is lively good fun, very informative. I recommend it.
Underground Book Reviews