So my friend, the talented composer David Sklar, loved the original screenplay for THE LOVE OF MY (OTHER) LIFE. He wrote a song for it, UNIVERSAL LOVE. Take a listen, it's great! Check out David's website at Also: Day 4 of the Blog Tour:  Simpson's Paradox calls THE LOVE OF MY (OTHER) LIFE a "cute sci-fi romance." See the review and ebook giveaway here. Meg, who posted the review, declined to post the cover, saying, "This post is part of The Love of My (Other) Life blog book tour but you do not get any cover art here because it has a butt on the cover, and I don’t want your bookshelf to start getting too promiscuous." (Which is a sly pun, in the context of her review.) It's fine with me if your bookshelf is promiscuous. My bookshelf is an unredeemed slut. Here's the cover. Enjoy.